[kde-edu]: PHP script to unify the obtain web pages of edu.kde.org

bmlmessmer at web.de bmlmessmer at web.de
Fri Oct 22 22:51:01 CEST 2004


I write a little PHP function that aims to unify the obtain pages of the 
edu.kde.org site. I appended the function to the edu.inc file which is 
allready included in all pages of this sub-site. The function is called 

For an allready living example have a look at


Feel free to use it as template.

1. Usage
show_obtain_instructions( $appname, $modulename, $branchname );

a) $appname
Name of your application, e.g. "KMyProgram"

b) $modulename
Name of the module containing your sources, commonly "kdeedu" or 
"kdenonbeta" (optional). "kdeedu" is the default.

c) $branchname
Name of the branch to be used, e.g. "HEAD" or "KDE_3_3_BRANCH" (optional). 
Latest stable release is the default. 
This will not be used for apps in kdenonbeta, even if set.

2. Examples

a) Apps in kdeedu module will commonly call 
show_obtain_instructions( "KMyApplication" );

b) Apps waiting in kdenonbeta simply call 
show_obtain_instructions( "KWaitingApplication", "kdenonbeta" );

3. Quicklinks
For usage with "quicklinks" the headings are named:

a) For apps in kdeedu only
"binpacks" -> Binary Packages
"tarballs" -> Source Tarballs

b) For all apps:
"cvs" -> CVS

4. Formatting
The headings are <h3> tags.

Matthias Meßmer

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