[kde-edu]: kvoctrain: resetting levels

Peter Hedlund hedlund at scripps.edu
Thu Nov 25 03:55:24 CET 2004

On Tuesday 23 November 2004 02:31 am, Marc Heyvaert wrote:
> Hello,
> There doesn't seem to be a way to reset the grades
> (not queried yet, Level 1, 2 etc) globally. If I make
> a vocabulary and test it and want to distribute it I
> don't want to go though every word or expression to
> reset this. Perhaps I'm overlooking something?
> Otherwise I will log it as a wish.

I haven't been able to look into this yet, but you are probably right. I 
suggest filing a wish.

> On the same subject. 'Not Queried Yet', 'Level 1',
> 'Level 2', etc. are strings that are not translated in
> the Dutch version of KVoctrain and they do not appear
> as untranslated strings in KBabel. So there must be a
> problem somewhere. If it's trivial I will not log it
> as a bug.

Are you sure about this? It's defined like this:

#define KV_NORM_TEXT       I18N_NOOP("Not Queried Yet") in kvoctrainexpr.h

and called like this: i18n(KV_NORM_TEXT) in StatistikPage.cpp

but a lot of other strings are defined like that also, and as far as I know it 
should work. Can you browse through the code and see if other strings using 
the I18N_NOOP macro are not properly translated?


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