[kde-edu]: KVocTrain maintainer

Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 13 09:45:42 CET 2004

Hi Peter and all,

I will continue testing the program while I'm working
on the translation of the docs into dutch.

After this I may work on the original handbook because
it needs some updating.

I begin to like the program, as I said before it is
very complex, the file structure covers a lot of
special situations that are tipical for languages and
that exceed by far the possibilities of a simple
flashcard or multiple choice program. The challenge is
probably trying to exploit all these possibilities. I
have some ideas about this already, I'm sure more will
come as I try to work with the program.

An important point is content. There is some content
already available on the kvoctrain webpage, but most
of these files are either very specialised and/or very
short. I'm sure that most people who test this program
(it is part of a number of standard distro's out
there) give up quite soon because they fail to see
it's potential, or they back of from the difficulty of
producing their own content. So content is the key. I
think that having some default files in the package
that are really well designed and that could help you
learning some basic vocabulary and phrases in several
european languages, could be a big step forward and
could be a great way to promote the program and the
kdeedu project.

I have to think about this -because I have loads of
other things to do- but I'm still looking for some
project to sink my teeth into. I speak and write
several languages (in various degrees of fluency), so
this is something that I could take on. Especially
with a good maintainer who can empathize not only with
the code :) but also with the -potential- user, this
program could be turned into a great application.

So, although I cannot yet commit myself fully to this
program, it's here that I will be spending most of my
KDE time for the coming weeks and months.


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