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Markus Büchele Markus.Buechele at web.de
Sat Nov 13 00:48:41 CET 2004

Am Freitag, 5. November 2004 12:18 schrieb Marc Heyvaert:
> Hello Peter,
> --- Peter Hedlund <peter at peterandlinda.com> wrote:
> > CVS commit by hedlund:
> >
> > FEATURE: Port to KActions and XML-based GUI. Please
> > test.
> > CCMAIL: kde-edu at kde.org
> (5) I can see a lot of ways in which this application
> could be improved. Entering data is a pain. To build a
> basic vocabulary the quickest way is probably to use
> KWordQuiz and then make some adjustments (e.g.
> regarding suggestions for multiple choice, lessons,
> etc) afterwards.

Hi Marc,

Sorry for this late answer. I hope you have not finished your typing in the 

What I did was typing the vocabulary in a table with two columns in OO. 
Transform the table to text using separators that don't disturb your 
vocabulary entries.
You can import that into KVocTrain flawlessly. The only thing left is 
assigning units. This way saved me an awful lot of work.


> That's all for now.
> Marc

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