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Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 12:18:12 CET 2004

Hello Peter,

--- Peter Hedlund <peter at peterandlinda.com> wrote:

> CVS commit by hedlund: 
> FEATURE: Port to KActions and XML-based GUI. Please
> test.
> CCMAIL: kde-edu at kde.org

I've compiled the kdeedu module this morning. As I'm
testing KVoctrain to be able to translate the docs
into dutch (and check the existing gui-translation) I
will find things that may be linked to the changes
that you made, but there will also be older stuff.
Would you prefer e-mail reports (on this list or
private) or would you rather use bugs.kde.org .
Personally I think it is better to log all things as
bugs or wishes. I think it makes discussions and
tracking these things easier.

Anyway, these are a few remarks already :

(1) It would be nice if the filename of the current
vocabulary would be visible in the title bar.(wish).

(2) At startup I see a large dialog (for about 1/2
second) that says 'loading file'. Annoying because you
can' read what's there, there is no interaction. This
was not visible in the older (previous week) version.

(3) When I append a language it is added 2 or even 3
times. So I have 'Nederlands' as first language,
English as second. When I appended Chinese, there were
3 columns added with Chinese. (bug).

(4) KVoctrain tries to autosave, even when I started
the app with an empty file. I noticed because autosave
failed due to an 'unknown mimetype' error, but that is
probably because I test this as a local user with all
the exec's in a 'bin'-dir in my home-dir and I haven't
set KDEDIRS, PATH or anything and I haven't run
kbuildsycoca... But entering data and saving that
afterwards is fine.

(5) I can see a lot of ways in which this application
could be improved. Entering data is a pain. To build a
basic vocabulary the quickest way is probably to use
KWordQuiz and then make some adjustments (e.g.
regarding suggestions for multiple choice, lessons,
etc) afterwards.

That's all for now.


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