[kde-edu]: kvoctrain: entering data

Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 18:48:51 CET 2004


I am currently translating the KVoctrain handbook into

First step is trying to understand the application :),
it is very complex; to be honest I find it a bit
overwhelming. It seems to be a real challenge for
those who want to write content for it that actually
uses all the features. I have been looking through the
existing files and most vocabularies out there are
either very limited or only work with a part of the
functionality of KVoctrain. Comments anyone?

Now my question. There are some example files for
English/Japanese. Interesting because I would like to
try something similar for Chinese, but I can't figure
out how you enter these characters. From the docs I
understand that KVoctrain is unicode aware, but when I
open one of these Japanese files I can't find a dialog
where the actual font used for the characters is
shown. Is this normal? Is there someone who
understands how this works?


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