[kde-edu]: KVocTrain vs KWordQuiz -- vocabulary trainers in general

Peter Hedlund peter at peterandlinda.com
Mon Mar 29 04:59:25 CEST 2004

On Sunday 28 March 2004 05:40 pm, Daniel Klein wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've read through the last month or two of archive and I've gotten the
> feeling that there are things moving about KVocTrain... which would be a
> good thing
> :P So first off: What's the status? I wrote to the maintainer some time
> : ago,
> I got a reaction like 'would you like to maintain it?'. Which I'd love to,
> surely, had I the time or but a fraction of the knowledge needed.
> Next, I'd like for someone to quickly explain to me the differences /
> different missions of KVocTrain and KWordQuiz.. from what I could gather,
> they're both meant for the same thing, yes?
> Back to KVoctrain.. I'm using it extensively, but the version I have is
> whatever came with KDE3.0. I've downloaded one CVS but for the love of
> christ I haven't been able to compile it. I get flooded with a ton of
> errors and wouldn't even know where to start looking for fixes. Is there
> something like a 'latest stable' that I could get somewhere? I'm noticing a
> couple of bugs that are actually critical, since they corrupt the loaded
> vocabulary. Actually, I've only been able to reproduce one of them, but
> I'll try to describe it best I can (if there's noone maintaining KVoctrain
> here or this is already fixed or something, please ignore this)
> When you have one field selected in Inline Editting mode and you select the
> vocabulary list by anything, the currently selected field KEEPS its
> previous content, thus corrupting the data.
Hi Daniel,

Let me try to explain the major differences between KVocTrain and KWordQuiz. 
KWordQuiz is aimed as a FlashKard replacement. As such it is not specifically 
geared towards languages. In the future I will probably remove any references 
to "language". You can use it to practice anything as long as you can find a 
pair-wise relationship. Language vocabulary of course comes to mind, but 
there are also other kinds of terminology, e.g. medical or legal terminology. 
You can use it for chemistry or anything you like.

KVocTrain is specifically designed for language vocabulary training. It has 
several advanced features like specifying word classes, synonyms, false 
friends, etc. You can also have several translations within the same 
vocabulary. Thus it's the only program available if you need these features. 
If you are only working with simple lists of words you may find KWordQuiz 
easier to work with. I have tried to to make the editor in KWordQuiz easy to 
use, especially if you are familiar with how a spreadsheet works.

As you have observed, I too find the editor in KVocTrain a little quirky. If I 
find some time I will try to look into it.


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