[kde-edu]: Questions about KNewStuff

Niehaus Carsten niehaus at cip.biologie.uni-osnabrueck.de
Sat Mar 13 12:20:30 CET 2004


In the next version of Kalzium I will rewrite the Quiz-stuff. I got an
offer of 800 questions by a german teacher and would like to add these
questions to Kalzium. Together with the old questions we will have about
900 questions.
This is of course to much to be included into kalzium.po (the
translators can't take that much work); therefore I would like to use
KNewStuff for the quesions.

I have two questions:
a) When is a good startingpoint to code the KNewStuff-code in Kalzium?
Is the API stable? When will other apps start?

b) What kind of format should I use for the questions? I used a simple
format and KSimpleConfig in KDE 3.2 and KDE 3.1 but it might be better
to use XML with tags like

<question grade="easy">The question...</question>
<answer type="correct">This is the correct answer</answer>
<answer type="wrong">THis is a wrong answer</answer>

But that might make problems if somebody would like to contribute more
questions or a translation of the german questions but doesn't want to
do it in XML (AFAIK KBabel can't handle XML).

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