[kde-edu]: kWorldQuiz && KVocTrain && misc

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Wed Mar 10 14:31:39 CET 2004


1) KWordQuiz: I think it's ready to go into kdeedu, it has been tested by 
several people who all like it. There will be some improvements to do to make 
it really focused on FlashCard support (numbers, pictures,...)
If no opposition, I'll ask a sysadmin to make the move.

2) KVocTrain: I ported it (not all but a great deal) to KConfig XT. I added 
QWhatsThis help here and there. 
Now I would like to port it to XML GUI but this seems to be quite difficult. 
There are numerous files to change, KURL also is needed.
It looks like I have to start from scratch and rebuild it step by step, 
starting with the menus. I started with KDevelop.
It's a difficult task, a long one. Introducing doxygen comments in the .h 
files will also be done so the next developer will have some idea of what's 
going on in the code.

If some people would like to help, I would be grateful. In that case, I would 
use the make_it_cool branch like Carsten does with Kalzium. When it's all 
done, it'll be merged (it'll replace the current code)
It would be a matter of doing
cvs up -rmake_it_cool kvoctrain
to get the new code.
KVocTrain is a nice prog that needs improvements on the GUI but it would be a 
shame to get it disappear. 
At the moment there is only the KVocTrain class so even beginners can have a 
look and start hacking at it. 

3) A webpage has been started in the wiki as part of the Quality Team launch:
It is meant to replace our Open Tasks for 3.3 so please interact with it. Some 
Quality Team people already tested KWordQuiz and some people are willing to 
help for all sorts of tasks.

4) KNewStuff: we use it from kdepim that means that the kdepim module has to 
be compiled before kdeedu. It works quite well. On a new Debian install, I 
had no mime types for bz2 and KTar does not want to untar the bz2 archives 
(something with the kio slave) so maybe having all archives in tar.gz would 
be better. I found out how to assign the provider (Jason: the provider URL is 
installed from the program in the config file and read from there). You can 
test all that with KLettres and the KNewStuff proposes to add Italian. You 
should be able to play in Italian immediately after installing it (select it 
in the Languages menu)

That's all for now! Thanks for reading all this ;) (women are always so 


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