[kde-edu]: KWordQuiz

Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 9 07:05:57 CET 2004

Hello Peter,

Just a quick word before I leave for work :)

--- Peter Hedlund <peter at peterandlinda.com> wrote:
> Store images in the
> file or just store 
> links?

I was thinking links. The responsibility would then be
on the user to have the necessary .png (or whatever
format) in the right directory. I think this feature
can not be to difficult to implement.

And if you leave the 'language only' path you could
name it Kuiz (or is that name taken yet).

I'm not much of a programmer (yet I like to think),
but I'll have a look at the code this weekend. Still
looking for something that I can understand
sufficiently to be able to help out.

Take care


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