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Tales Pinheiro de Andrade talesp at terra.com.br
Wed Jun 23 21:40:52 CEST 2004

Em Seg 21 Jun 2004 07:03, Surabaja Johnny escreveu:
> although math will be a prime content - and possibly the most demanding on
> the app functionalities - here we are talking about a general framework. I
> propose the name "Kalikantus". Calycanthus is a fragrant flower, the petals
> being the plug-in modules. Following on your initial ideas...
Well, I don't have nothing against the name.
> 1) as there will be so much potential content (different subjects,
> languages, teaching techniques, individual needs) it should be possible to
> define/load a specific course/class/unit. Has XML already been used for
> academic course definition?
But this content must stay in the computer or in a server, loaded dinamycly? 
If it stay in the computer, is a work for the super knewstuff :-)
I was thinking in each plugin being a different area, as math, history, 
geography, chemestry, etc... So the content should be got with the plugin, 
not with the main interface ( and the framework must give a way to do this)
> 2) a multiuser (login/password) application would be great for schools with
> limited computer resources.
This is made with the login in the machine, or with a separate system?
> 3) in order to make the app really useful in day-to-day activity, the
> end-user should be able to insert homework, and keep track of it: at the
> end of the year I found hundreds on meaningless namefiles scattered all
> over the HD in my kid's PC. The homework database could maintain the
> association between teaching unit, assigned homework, done homework, score.
> It should be possible at any time to retrieve and filter the sequence of
> homework exercises in order to pinpoint areas which require the tutor
> attention. Maybe a real db, as mySQL, is needed.
I agree, but, again, the framework provides the acces and the plugin manage 
the tables? Because we don't have how to know what will be inserted, if is a 
math formula or a history text.
> 4) often pupils use two computers: one at school, one at home. In my
> experience, keeping the two in synch is a requirement. The app could
> provide a mean by which the homework can be loaded into the school
> computer, and viceversa, using a writable CD.
Import/export funcionality :-). Again, basic funcionality on the framework, 
but really implemented in the plugin.
> 5) what will make the app really widespread will be the availability of
> easily retrievable content. Maybe one could use Yum to easily download and
> install up-to-date content from teaching-unit repositories. Content could
> be rated/certified by teaching professionals.
as I said before, this could be done with lnewstuff (I think :-)
> 6) with respect to format of the animations, shouldn't we allow for
> multiple formats? Maybe there are already good Java applets out there,
> maybe some teachers are good at Macromedia Flash...
Well, here I expect sugestions of more experienced people ;-)



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