[kde-edu]: Re: [kde-edu] New Maths App

Surabaja Johnny surabaja at myrealbox.com
Mon Jun 21 12:03:23 CEST 2004

although math will be a prime content - and possibly the most demanding on the app functionalities - here we are talking about a general framework. I propose the name "Kalikantus". Calycanthus is a fragrant flower, the petals being the plug-in modules. Following on your initial ideas...

1) as there will be so much potential content (different subjects, languages, teaching techniques, individual needs) it should be possible to define/load a specific course/class/unit. Has XML already been used for academic course definition?

2) a multiuser (login/password) application would be great for schools with limited computer resources. 

3) in order to make the app really useful in day-to-day activity, the end-user should be able to insert homework, and keep track of it: at the end of the year I found hundreds on meaningless namefiles scattered all over the HD in my kid's PC. The homework database could maintain the association between teaching unit, assigned homework, done homework, score. It should be possible at any time to retrieve and filter the sequence of homework exercises in order to pinpoint areas which require the tutor attention. Maybe a real db, as mySQL, is needed.

4) often pupils use two computers: one at school, one at home. In my experience, keeping the two in synch is a requirement. The app could provide a mean by which the homework can be loaded into the school computer, and viceversa, using a writable CD.

5) what will make the app really widespread will be the availability of easily retrievable content. Maybe one could use Yum to easily download and install up-to-date content from teaching-unit repositories. Content could be rated/certified by teaching professionals.

6) with respect to format of the animations, shouldn't we allow for multiple formats? Maybe there are already good Java applets out there, maybe some teachers are good at Macromedia Flash...



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