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M2George m2george at mweb.co.za
Wed Jun 16 14:15:51 CEST 2004

Hello all.

> According to my propose I'd like it when you can select here between a
> "Learning Mode" and a "Assistance Mode" (other names welcome). So one
> select if he likes to learn or if he likes kmathtool as a math tool.

Having two modes would work, one as a math tool to assist and another to
teach, both the theory and the application.
Or the two function can be split from KMathTool into two apps.
Which is best?

> That sound's like many windows.

All one windows, raising a widgetstack.

> Uhhh ... that's alot of work. The idea was discussed to habe a theory part
> every module als hlep to make understand how the module works

Yes, the theory part would still exist, but if we split the app in two, the
teaching module would start with the theory, followed by examples, and then
we could use other Math's apps and current tools of KMathTool to do proofs
and exercises that are relevant to the current theory module.

> That's not what KMathTool was thought to be.

I want to teach Maths to kids who need it. at no cost. We can name it
something else.

> Hey ... I still ant to work. In my opionion that not so good if you want
> make the teachers unnecessary.

This would be to supplement teachers in their work and to assist them.

> That's great that you are so ambitious, but that's really a lot of work to
> realise it. I hope I did not discourage you ... I think what you want is a
> lot of work.

No problem. Where KDE is today is a _lot_ of work.

> > any quick pointers on how to do that?

thanks Sebastian

Do we split KMathTool in two, or offer different options? Or new app, or
something else?

Also, if we are going to do a teaching module, we would have to decide on a
standard notation, especially with things like functions for graphs in it's
standard form. There seems to be a dialect from country to country.

Kind Regards.


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