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achim wößner boldii at gmx.de
Tue Jun 15 15:40:59 CEST 2004

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On Tuesday 15 June 2004 14:52, M2George wrote:
> Hello all.

Good day.

> ...
> I've been working on KMathTool recently but since my box has gone bang I've
> been planning more than doing.
> What I've been striving to, is to change KMathTool into a Maths tutoring
> system similar to this, http://www.mastermaths.co.za/main/main.asp, ( but
> because of contractual agreements not based on it)
> which I use at work very effectively.

Well, this is no bad idea, but I think kmathtool should also be an application 
for users who already know something about mathematics, or students who want 
to use it to do their homework easier. So I am convinced we shouldn t drop 
those things which are already implented. Some of them I think are really 
usefull, such as the geometry part.

> Herewith a very brief rundown of what I'm trying to achieve.
> 1.    Main Window that displays welcome and main categories (as icons) of
> Math i.e.:
> Algebra - Geometry - Trigonometry
>         (Still in two minds as to what to do with calculus)
> Learners will be registered on this window, to keep track of their progress
> and to enable split sessions.

According to my propose I'd like it when you can select here between a 
"Learning Mode" and a "Assistance Mode" (other names welcome). So one could 
select if he likes to learn or if he likes kmathtool as a math tool.

> ... 
> Any ideas, comments, guidance will be greatly appreciated.

I hope you understood what I mean with my proposes. It is not that I don t 
like your idea to restyle kmathtool to a only teaching application, but I 
think a mixed application is a lot better.

> Kind Regards
> Trenton


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