[kde-edu]: Please give KBruch a short test drive

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Wed Jul 7 12:42:16 CEST 2004

Anne-Marie Mahfouf <annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr> [040706 20:56]:
> ...

Please note, I am not able to upload the fixes at the moment, because CVS
seems not be avaible.

> 1) The config dialog is too big: you can make one tab with fonts and another 
> one for the colors
> The Apply button should not be enabled before any changes are made. When a 
> change is made, the Apply button should then get enabled and after being 
> clicked should be disabled again. Using KConfigXT should get that behavior.

Can you please give me a pointer how to do it? I already use KConfigXT, but
I don't know how to "generate" the config dialog code from it. Of course I
can just split the ui file, but if there is an automagic way, I like to use

> 2) I find the fractions fields too large.


> 3) When you start a type of exercise, you don't know how many tasks you will 
> have to do. It appears you can do as many tasks as you want, you will not get 
> a result dialog.  I would like a result dialog

I will explain the behaviour in the handbook. I don't want a result dialog,
the current results are always avaible in the stat window. And the user can
reset the stats to start some kind of test. So no result widget is needed.

> 4) in Factorization mode, when the Wrong appears it reduces the answer field 
> and the user cannot see his answer totally anymore

You have to enlarge the whole window. Nevertheless, I removed a spacer, so
the problem should be gone.

> 5) The tab mode does not work so if i am for example in factorization how can 
> I press on the '2' button without the mouse? I could not do it.

It works, I checked it. I fixed the tab order, but tabbing works. Maybe you
have to click one time in the window where you want to tab, but I don't have
to do it.

> 6) when the user enters nothing it is considered as Wrong. Couldn't the 
> program just wait for an input before saying it's wrong? (no input in any 
> field should do nothing when you click Check Task)


> 7) Why in the icons are the colors different? It would seem logical to have 
> the same colors for the - for example. Same with the numbers, first 
> denominator is in green, why?

I have choosen the color mix so that the application looks a little bit more
friendly. The colors don't have a deeper meaning. Of course I can use the
same colors for numerators, denominators, operation signs, fraction bars and
so on. It is not a big problem. So should I really change the icons?

> That's all for now... Hope it helps,

Please go on, this helps pretty much!

> PS: For next version: What if a teacher wants to make his own set of tasks? 
> How would he do that? 

It is not the purpose of the application. Such a function would fit in
KEduca, I think.

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