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Thu Jul 1 09:39:11 CEST 2004

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Date      : Wed, 30 Jun 2004 13:17:28 -0700 (PDT)
Subject : [kde-edu]: freeduc and similar projects

> Hello,
> I know this seems to be off-topic at first :)
> I tested the freeduc-cd tonight. Version 1.4.1 
> I could start it with lang=nl after fiddling around
> with the knoppix boot parameters, but i still had a
> querty keyboard, not azerty what it should be
> (wouldn't even dare to think about the option for 
> Belgian azerty :)  My point is that starting the cd is
> not straightforward and no good publicity for linux.
> But perhaps this is down to knoppix?
> After this I had some sort of dutch system, but with
> many strings still untranslated.

    This is almost natural since the cd was mainly oriented
     to spanish, french, english and italian public.
     In Ofset we are happy if someone could take care 
     localization in other languages :-)

> After quiting, my PC wouldn't restart (screen remains
> black). After trying for about 10 times, booting (to
> Windows XP on this one!) was ok again. My point here
> is that this live CD is not a straightforward thing.

   For this technical stuff I suggest you to join Freeduc ml.
> The software on the cd is a strange collection... I
> would imaging that for a CD with serious space
> limitations there would have been a strict choice of
> programs. But you get a lot of things twice! You have
> OpenOffice + the office suit from Gnome + Scribus. 

     Scribus is a publishing instruments quite different
    from Open Office. In freeduc was added Abiword
    for its semplicity.

> have KStars and some (old) star chart generator + some
> other space related stuff. There are some drawing
> programs with overlap, 2 calculators. Very few KDE
> programs really. Some from the kdeedu module.

    This will be fixed in the coming *modular* new edition.

> Overall I find this CD very disappointing. The
> presentation looks nice, but is really unusable! 

This is a bit exceding :-)

> get all the programs grouped in a logical (?) way, by
> subject, but the program names are hidden. You get
> some generic names.
> There is no distinction by age group, field of
> interest, etc. Customisation of look and feel is very
> basic.
> I feel that it should be possible to put something
> together based on nearly 100% KDE, so with a strong
> bias towards the educational needs.

As Maurizio Paolini pointed out maybe you 
will be more adequate for eduKnoppix :-)

However at the moment this distro is not
localized in your language but you are encouraged
to do this.

Best wishes

Andrea Centomo

acentomo at ofset.org

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