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Alexander Schunk alexander_schunk at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 6 10:20:16 CET 2004


besides these two mentioned there are others like the
French voc trainer - KLettres - that doesn't seem to
work, too. 
You are right, they lookandfeel is somewhat
I would like to add a german voc trainer in future
since all major europeean languages were represented
on KDE i think a german one would make sense too.

 --- Anne-Marie Mahfouf <annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr>
schrieb: > On February 5, 2004 09:58 pm, Peter Hedlund
> > Hi all,
> >
> > As I mentioned on this mailinglist a few months
> ago I have started a new
> > flashcard/vocabulary project called KWordQuiz
> > (http://peterandlinda.com/kwordquiz). In my
> opinion the program is shaping
> > up quite well. In cvs (SourceForge) I have
> improved .kvtml file support
> > even more the last few days.
> >
> > In view of this I'm interested in a discussion
> regarding such programs
> > within the kdeedu module. Now I think is a good
> time since 3.2 has been
> > released. From what I can tell development has not
> been very active on
> > either FlashKard or KVocTrain. I did see some
> amount of activity in
> > KVocTrain development recently and hope that that
> will continue. I'm
> > willing to pitch in also. As a starting point for
> me to learn all about
> > KVocTrain I thought about converting it to a .ui
> and xml-based interface.
> > What are your opinions on such an approach?
> yes, the code is way too outdated!
> porting it to xml and new things like maybe
> KConfigXT would allow you a deeper 
> understanding of KDE while doing something very
> useful.
> As for your program to replace FlashKard, yes, I am
> all for it. Let's see what 
> Scott has to say about it (Scott is FlashKard
> author).
> We are currently working on a new feature which is
> called KNewStuff, it's a 
> way for users to easily add data to their program.
> You have an Import menu 
> item in your program, you click on it, a dialog
> appears which proposes data 
> that the user in one click will obtain for his app.
> This is already working in KOrganizer (you can add
> predefined calendars data 
> as the KDE realease schedule ;) and will be of great
> utility for us 
> (us=kdeedu). I think this will have its place both
> in your program and in 
> KVocTrain. Later, we will also add an upload
> facility for the user to share 
> its data by uploading it on a website.
> So, practically, you will need cvs access for the
> kdeedu module to work on 
> KVocTrain. Please have a look at 
> ttp://edu.kde.org/development/cvs.php
> this page and send me the relevant details.
> You're right, now is the exact time to develop any
> idea, welcome to the team 
> and please feel free to ask any question on this
> list!
> annma
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