[kde-edu]: KWordQuiz

Peter Hedlund peter at peterandlinda.com
Thu Nov 20 03:48:38 CET 2003

On Wednesday 19 November 2003 05:57 am, Mahfouf Anne-Marie wrote:

> I said it seems redundant because we cannot have 3 applications aimed
> towards learning vocabulary in the kdeedu module. When your program is more
> mature, we might consider for it to replace FlashKard or to merge with it.
> As we are now in feature freeze, it is a good time for you to carry on
> development on your program and by mid february you could send as a note
> again. At that time, it would be good for the program to be in kdenonbeta
> so that everyone can test it. The kdenonbeta module is where development
> happens before joining an official module and it'll make you learn how to
> use KDE cvs.
> I hope I did not discourage you, I apologize for my short answer yesterday
> (I had an awful day).
> The decision will not be made by me but I hope by the majority of kdeedu
> developers and even by other kde developers.
> It would in fact be good if we could plan in February how we would like the
> kdeedu module evolve.

This sounds like an excellent plan. I'll be in touch when I get a little 
further along. 


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