[kde-edu]: Re: trading place for translations - for open source projects and schools

Thomas Templin lists at gnuwhv.de
Wed Nov 19 12:31:17 CET 2003

On Wednesday 19 November 2003 06:56, Arnold Kraschinski wrote:
> I don't think that it is very difficult to motivate teachers. Have a good
> idea and they will listen. Translating software in English lessons is a bad
> one. It doesn't improve the communicativa abilities of the students. Such
> tasks need a lot of special vocabulary that doesn't fit to the aims of
> general education English lessons. The contents of a handbook normally
> isn't a motivating story. Only few pupils are addicted to open software so
> it is selfish to think that your own preferences are those of the pupils.
ACK and not ACK
You'r right, only for translating po files you wouldn't be able to motivate 
any teacher.
But translating a WEB Page which uses a lot of finacial english and which is 
presented by a micro PHP-CMS is interesting for a group of buisines and 
technical highschool pupils (in deutsch: Wirtschafts- und Technisches 
It's a sort of team which is quite near to what you will find in professional 
environments in most companies. 

The goal is to find a job which is interactive, communicative and interesting 
for at least two groups of pupils (eg. tech & buis). Then find a local 
Company who will support this, thats the professional aspect. And a local 
newspaper who will give you the chance to write an article about this 
project, and you wil get publicity.


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