[kde-edu]: the Timetable program

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Sat Apr 26 14:52:07 CEST 2003


I've been talking to Lalescu Liviu, the author of the timetable
program [1], who posted on this list a while ago.  The program has
seen quite some improvements the last few weeks in the GUI, although
it's still a Qt-only app, and it's imho still a while from being

However, I do think that a program like this would be a nice addition
to KDE-Edu, and I was wondering about whether it would not be a good
idea to let the author continue development on it in kdenonbeta.

Regarding what some people said about this not really being an
educational app, I would respond that:
1 It's not strictly an educational app, but *very* useful for
  educational institutions using KDE-Edu
2 Other apps in KDE-Edu are not strictly educational themselves.  I
  would think that a program like KStars would also be more useful to 
  hobbyist astronomers than students learning about astronomy.

Like with KStars, I don't think the fact that a program is also useful
outside of education is a reason to not make it available to people
from the educational sector.

Furthermore, the author is having trouble raising interest in the
program, and I think that (eventually) having it in KDE-Edu would
be of mutual benefit to him and KDE-Edu.

Anyway, letting him develop this in kdenonbeta is not a high risk to
take imho.  Eventually, if Lalescu manages to get it up to speed with
KDE standards, it can be moved to kdeedu.  If you agree, I volunteer
to import it to CVS and making it use the KDE build system.  It would
be Lalescu's job to work on the program, making it use the KDE
libraries, and continuing to improve it.  He could of course always
ask me or others for assistance.

What do you think ?


[1]  http://algorithms.ro

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