[kde-edu]: KTouch code port

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Apr 11 15:28:35 CEST 2003

Andreas Nicolai writes:

  Andreas> Hi everybody!  I would like to contribute some code to
  Andreas> KDE-EDU, basically its a code port of an existing
  Andreas> application: KTouch.

  Andreas> I'm writing to this newsgroup because I couldn't get an
  Andreas> answer from the current maintainer H~vard (he's probably on
  Andreas> holiday). Anyway, this is just ment as an information in
  Andreas> case somebody else is working on KTouch in the moment...

What email address have you tried ?  On April 7th, he committed a
change to the AUTHORS file, to update his email address.  The new
address is:
Haavard Froeiland <haavard at solveien.net>

  Andreas> (NOTE: the new KTouch uses a different ktouchui.rc, so make
  Andreas> sure to replace the old one before running the program).

I don't know if you know this, but to make the new ui.rc file take
precedence over user-customized versions of the old one, you should
increase the version number of the ui.rc file, it's somewhere at the
front of the file as an xml attribute to something..

  Andreas> So, because I'm quite new to KDE-Development stuff (after
  Andreas> an unsuccessful attempt last summer I just started a month
  Andreas> ago with KDE programming), I have a lot of questions about
  Andreas> the actual system used in the KDE development team. Maybe
  Andreas> you can help me answer these questions:

  Andreas> 1. Can I just post my .pot file here and ask for
  Andreas>    translations?

Since KTouch is developed in the KDE CVS Repository, you should try to
get your changes into the KDE CVS Repository, since that's where
development takes place.  Once the changes are in, the pot-files will
be regenerated automatically, and merged with existing translations.
The KDE translation teams will then translate it.  However, most
translations are only done after the feature freeze, which happens one
or two months before a new KDE release, so the translation teams don't
waste their time on code that will never be released anyway..

  Andreas> 2. Which requirements has a program to fulfill to be added
  Andreas>    to an official KDE
  Andreas> release? Are these already fulfilled for a code-ported
  Andreas> program like KTouch, which was included already?

KTouch is already included, you should try to talk to Haavard about
your changes and getting him to accept them..  There's no way we're
going to include two versions of the same software.

  Andreas> 3. How do I get an CVS account?

Mail to sysadmin at kde.org and explain why you need one.  However, you
should ( in general ) not commit any larger changes to any programs ( 
including KTouch ) before contacting the maintainer.  I just checked
the CVS logs, and I'm quite sure Haavard is still active, since he
just committed a change to KTouch four days ago ( adding a french
keyboard layout, it seems )..  I'm sure he'll be quite happy to work
together with you on KTouch..

  Andreas> Well, apart from these questions I just wanted to give you
  Andreas> an information about my current work. I'll try to contact
  Andreas> H~vard in the meantime and maybe we can already have a
  Andreas> "new" KTouch in the next KDE release.

Anyway, it's great to see you working on KTouch, I hope we can welcome
you to the KDE-Edu team..

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