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Eva Brucherseifer eva at kde.org
Wed Apr 9 18:38:31 CEST 2003

Can anyone take care of this, please?


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Subject: Timetable program
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 17:43:17 +0300
From: Lalescu Liviu <LalescuLiviu at xnet.ro>
To: kalle at kde.org

Dear KDE Team,

My name is Liviu Lalescu. I developed a free (GPL) software named timetable,
to automatically schedule the timetable of a faculty (or high school). The
software is in a working stable state (the graphical part needs some
enhancements). This project is done in Qt3. You can find this program on the
page algorithms.ro (not my page, so I am also interested in a suitable page
for this project). Please tell me if you are interested in this software (it
might fit in the directory "Edutaiment" in KDE).

PS: There is no similar free software. All the others are somewhere between
$50/$300 per year.

Thank you,

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