[kde-edu]: KGeo and Kig

Dominique Devriese kde-edu@kde.org
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 20:51:19 +0200

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I'm writing you on the subject of your KGeo program and my program
Kig, to know your position on the subject of their respective position
in the KDE-Edu module..

A while ago, i started to work on Kig, as an effort to somehow merge
KGeo and KSeg.  I know now that I had better worked on either
directly, but well, by the time I realised, I was too far to stop..

Anyway, I'm writing you because in the mean time, Kig has improved,
and I think it is getting on par or even better than KGeo.  I have
become involved in the KDE project ( got me a CVS account, and commit
some patches now and then.. ), and I am developing Kig in the
kdenonbeta module.  I have recently done Kig's 0.2 release, and I have
contacted the KDE-Edu contributors about a possible inclusion in the
KDE 3.2 release.  The answer was more or less that since Kig has most
of KGeo's features, it supports its file format, and it has some
features that KGeo doesn't have ( most notably better user response on
construction, macro's, locuses, export to image stuff, xml file
format, KPart integration, better use of the KDE libraries ), and
since it's better maintained ( you have been rather silent lately,
both wrt patches sent to you, and wrt maintenance of your app in KDE
CVS ), Kig will probably be included in KDE-Edu for 3.2.  KGeo will
not be removed as yet, as I would like to wait for user response
before taking such a step, although some have said that it seems not
too good to have both in kde-edu.=20

What I am writing you about is to know your opinion on the subject.
What do you think about Kig vs. KGeo feature-wise, do you intend to
still maintain KGeo, or can we consider it officially abandoned ?
Would you agree with replacing KGeo with Kig, or are there specific
features you miss ?

Note that the KGeo code has helped me quite a bit in the development
of Kig.  Among other things, the repainting stuff, most of the
objects, the UI etc. are based on it, and your name has been in Kig's
credits since quite a while, and it will remain there.  Consider this
a thank you :)

Please let me know what you think..

Dominique Devriese

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