[kde-edu]: linux in youthwork

Andrea Mayr kde-edu@kde.org
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 17:50:02 +0100

Hi kde-edu list!

We are currently planning a meeting which will be held this summer in
There will be people joining from youth-facilities from germany,
bulgaria and austria, which are interested in starting to implement
linux in their locations. As the host and organiser for this event, we
also want to invite professional linux users respectively programme
developers in order to discuss strategies which could help us to reach
this goal.

We are looking for participants out of both fields: professional linux
users as well as people from youth facilities. The European Unions YOUTH
programme finances the participation of youthworkers (no schools and
universities unfortunately). If you know about such a place or a person
who works within such an environment, please pass this announcement on.
(deadline for this call is 27th of march)

If you are somebody who is qualified in using and/or developing specific
programms and you would like to attend, please contact us, so that we
can start coordinating relevant issues.

The estimated number of participants is about 30. 

Generally: Thanks for your work within KDE.


That's the Announcement:

Please pass this invitation on to people who might be interested in 

Netbridge, located in Vienna/Austria, is a coordination agency for IT 
and CT in youth work. We are a non-profit organisation, physically and
organisationally hosted by Austria's Center for Social Innovation. Our
aim is to help youth workers to deal with computer technology. We try to
generate competence by offering training courses, inform about
individual project-relevant issues or simply offer advice on their
specific problems related to new media. 
We are looking for partners in order to apply to a European union 
program called "YOUTH"(action 5). Our intention is to bring together 
partners to work on solutions that should make it easier for youth 
workers to use Linux in their work with kids. As our experience clearly
shows, youth workers are in general attracted to Linux but fear
unexpected problems (i.e. configuration, compatibility) when using it on
a daily basis. There exists a need for specific information as well as
for specifically configured setups or tools. 
We are looking for people who are interested to cooperate in working on
solutions that can help to reach this goal. 

We are looking for people/institutions that: 

- have experience in working with kids or youngsters, on 
  professional or simply private levels and do use Linux to support    
the kids computer skills. 
- do have the technical qualification as well as the motivation to     
work on solutions for this project 
- do have experience in other relevant fields, like organizing         
support scenarios, or promoting/sponsoring concepts that are         
compatible with the idea of free software in general, etc 
- are active in youthwork and are planning to implement linux. 

emphasized questions we will keep track of: 

- What's the motivation of using free software in youthwork? 
- Which steps need to be taken in order to facilitate the first        
contact with Linux? (on a technical basis i.e. offering 
  bootable cd-rom's) 
- What meassures need to be taken permanently in order to 
  support a long term use of Linux? 
- Which initiatives have got to be set locally, which ones are 
  predestined to be done world/nationwide. 
- In which ways does the initiative gain publicity? 


The Main Event takes place from 21.-27.July 2002 (alternatively:
Goal of this event will be to get sustainable solutions in answer to the
above questions. Solutions, in this context may be conceptual, 
as well as technical ones. Discoursive exchange of experience 
should help us to reach conclusions for specific problems. These results
are intended to be applied by producing new, or improving already
available utilities. The outcome of the project should be useable as an
information pool and a platform to explain concepts 
of exemplary realisations of using Linux in youthwork. Up to 25 
people can attend and will get 100% of travel cost as well as about 50
Euro per day (contribution to accommodation costs). 

If you want to participate in this common effort, please contact: 

Deadline for this Call is Wednesday, 27th of March, 2002. 

Due to application terms you need a background organisation which is
active in the field of youth activities. 
Following link describes the partnership information we need to receive
from you. If you have any problems concerning this issue please do not
hesitate to contact us. 

Netbridge - Coordination Office 
for New Technology and Youthwork in Vienna/Austria, 
Koppstrasse 116/11, 1160 Vienna, Austria 
phone.: +43 (1) 4950442/75, fax.: +43 (1) 4950442/40