[kde-edu]: Language an geography-ideas

Birgit Schulz kde-edu@kde.org
08 Apr 2002 05:36:57 +0200

Some ideas ...

A problem is the language: Vocabulary-knowledge is very close to the
used book. But for KHangman oder KMessedWord the most common words can
be in a file.
May be a grammar-app for englisch, french, german (should they be
diffrent for german->german or english->german practice?) are possible.
To train the use of adjectives e.g. it is not important to be so close
to a book. May a help to used vocs is needed (but there are already some
for Linux)

For geography-learning may be KEduca can be used. E.g. learn the names
of the most important rivers, cities, ... But for that a bigger picture
is maybe needed.-> Diffrent for countries, states ...