[GSoC] Interest in applying

tmpod tom at tmpod.dev
Sun Mar 31 14:16:49 BST 2024


I have been a Linux user ever since I got my own laptop and started
dablling in programming. After a short period with Mint (and Cinnamon),
I switched to KDE's software suite and have never looked back. I admire
the work everyone involved has put into the project over the years, and
how great the software has become. Plasma 6, for example, has been an
incredible journey to watch (mostly through Nate Graham's amazing
blog!), with an excellent payoff. Congrats to everyone!
Since I use KDE software every single day, the thought of giving back to
the project through technical contributions has been something I've
always wanted to do, but never quite gotten into (though I started
fixing a workspace OSD bug at some point).

I am a Computer Science student, currently taking a Master's degree in                                                                                                                          
Portugal's top university. I have a strong passion for algorithms, data                                                                                                                         
structures and high performance computing, having participated in many                                                                                                                          
programming contests (nationals, SWERC, Google's now defunct                                                                                                                                    
competitions, etc) too. I have also some experience in contributing to                                                                                                                          
open-source and working in software development teams. 

After carefully reading your approved ideas page, the ones that stand                                                                                                                           
out more to me are:
* Improving Lokalize's suggestions (I'm a big supporter of quality i18n)
* Sharing non-text clipboard content with KDEConnect (KC is an amazing
  and pretty unique tool)
* Improve forms/javascript support in Okular (I think Okular is a great
  PDF reader already, but it does lack good forms support, something
  increasingly more useful nowadays)

I am aware of the very tight deadline and that it may be hard to write a
community-backed proposal now, but unfortunately I was only made aware
of Google's program a couple of days ago. Still, I'm going to try my
best to write a quality proposal until Tuesday.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
I'd love to further discuss these with you.

Kind regards,


PS: To all celebrating Easter (and not hehe!), I hope you have wonderful

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