Markdown Tools - Request for a Sponsor

Benson Muite benson_muite at
Sat Mar 23 11:26:46 GMT 2024

On 17/03/2024 20.40, Igor Mironchik wrote:
> On 17.03.2024 18:54, Benson Muite wrote:
>>> Does it have a set of tests?
>>> I don't know how complicated AsciiDoc format is, maybe it's simpler of
>>> Markdown?
>> It is more complicated than Markdown as it is more complete and allows
>> for some self-consistent extensibility.
> More complete is not more complex for parsing... In Markdown a lot of
> complexes. But I will think on it.
>> There is a lack of tools for AsciiDoc, but would not make that the
>> primary concern.  If it can be done, it would be nice, but it seems
>> challenging.
> The problem is that I see users of AsciiDoc even less of Markdown...

Markdown is very popular, but in many applications it is extended in non
standard ways. Org mode is another readable markup language, but unlike
Asciidoc it seems to have C++ libraries:

Most org mode users use Emacs, but giving an alternative editor may be

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