Markdown Tools - Request for a Sponsor

Igor Mironchik igor.mironchik at
Sun Mar 17 17:40:14 GMT 2024

On 17.03.2024 18:54, Benson Muite wrote:
>> Does it have a set of tests?
>> I don't know how complicated AsciiDoc format is, maybe it's simpler of
>> Markdown?
> It is more complicated than Markdown as it is more complete and allows
> for some self-consistent extensibility.

More complete is not more complex for parsing... In Markdown a lot of 
complexes. But I will think on it.

> There is a lack of tools for AsciiDoc, but would not make that the
> primary concern.  If it can be done, it would be nice, but it seems
> challenging.

The problem is that I see users of AsciiDoc even less of Markdown...
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