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Igor Mironchik igor.mironchik at
Sun Mar 17 06:01:03 GMT 2024

Good Sunday to you all.

On 16.03.2024 23:41, Loren Burkholder wrote:
> Just brainstorming here - do you think it would be possible to integrate the features from Markdown Tools into Ghostwriter?

I didn't see code of Ghostwriter, so I don't know. I know that 
Ghostwriter uses cmark-gfm. My md4qt was born by mistake, I didn't know 
about cmark-gfm and wrote md4qt, that is very modern in Markdown way.  I 
just don't know if it even possible with cmark-gfm to implement all 
features that I have.

But I have a counter-question: Is it possible to move Ghostwriter's HTML 
preview into markdownpart?

>   IMO it doesn't make sense for KDE to have two competing Markdown editors, but it sounds like Markdown Tools has some very useful features.

This is true, out of the box I have LaTeX Math expressions preview, code 
highlighting, different just GitHub's things, like:

 > [!NOTE]

And many more. I wrote a small GIF to show you something, just go by 
link and see.

>> Guys, try it. It's just a proposal. No is no - and I'm gone.
> Hopefully you stick around even if Markdown Tools ultimately doesn't get integrated into KDE. We can always use more developers!

I have two more applications, that I'd like to propose to KDE. It's not 
a proposal yet, but as preview:

By the way, the above GIF was written with my gif-recorder. I don't 
support Wayland yet, and not sure if it even possible, but...
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