Implement InputCapture portal as Google SoC project?

David Redondo kde at
Thu Mar 14 08:18:42 GMT 2024

Am Donnerstag, 14. März 2024, 02:02:57 CET schrieb Gabe Klavans:
> Hello!
> I'm a newish software developer and I've had my eye on this issue for 
> implementing the InputCapture portal in KDE for a while 
> From 
> my understanding, completing this would enable apps like Synergy and 
> InputLeap to function under KDE's Wayland session, and I use apps like 
> this all the time! I have no experience developing for KDE but I would 
> love to use this as a launchpad for getting involved. I have a 
> sufficient amount of development experience in several 
> languages/environments, including C++ and C-based build systems. Does 
> this seem like a good project proposal for something like Google's SoC? 
> Or would it be too small/convoluted?
> In any case, I just wanted to ask here and see if anyone with more 
> experience would be willing to serve as a mentor either for a SoC 
> project or just in general for this feature implementation.
> Thanks,
> Gabe

Hi, I have good and bad news for you:
I am working on it right now and aiming for Plasma 6.1 for this feature.
The current progress is that the LibEi integration into KWin works, code here:
Currently I am writing the portal + communication with KWin.
I am sorry that I 'snatched' this away from you but
seeing so many people excited for this feature is a great!


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