Incubation Request: Kiview

Méven meven29 at
Sun Apr 28 11:22:07 BST 2024

Hi everyone,

Here is an email for incubating a new KDE project: Kiview.
Kiview is a simple file previewer written in C++/Qml, from its README:
Kiview gives the user the ability to quickly preview different file types
without the need to launch the default application.

The original author Danilo Agostini and myself (its sponsor) have been
getting it ready for incubation.

We have now checked all the  **KDE Incubator checklist** points.

More details:

The immediate goal with this application is to fill this request feature
for dolphin :
And we can imagine reusing it in many other places potentially.

Short-term we want to have runtime integration within dolphin and make sure
it is as-snappy as can be.


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