RFC: switching games released with KDE Gear to Qt6/KF6-only in master branch next?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Sun Sep 24 14:46:04 BST 2023

Am Mittwoch, 13. September 2023, 22:34:16 CEST schrieb Friedrich W. H. 
> (cc: kde-devel for heads-up, please reply only to kde-games-devel)
> Would anyone have issues with switching all the games and game libraries
> released with KDE Gear to be Qt6/KF6 only in the master branch (once some
> conditions are met, see below)?

Seems no-one around the last 10 days had issues to raise :)

Meanwhile the last two Qt6-port-missing games have been handled, more or less:
* kajongg now with Qt5/Qt6 support
* ksirk has Qt6 port as MR (would be dropping questionable Jabber support)

MRs have been prepared for all the games and libkdegames & libkmahjongg to 
make them Qt6-only, to test if everything is prepared as needed, looked all 
good so far.


1) making bulk of games Qt6-nnly

For the bulk of the Gear games (modulo ksirk & kajongg, for some open 
questions) there is a request created to sysadmin to make them now Qt6-only:

Once that is in, all the "Qt6-only" MRs of those games would be also applied.

2) Sorting out ksirk & kajonng

For kajongg I will do a MR tonight to sort out the final issues for getting 

For ksirk https://invent.kde.org/games/ksirk/-/merge_requests/16 will be the 
base of more discussions (be invited). IMHO dropping the Jabber support code 
completely due to its state is the way forward here.

3) Handling non-Gear apps using libkdegames

There are some playground games, like Atlantik & KSokoban, which use 
libkdegames. Those are already Qt6-ready.

Should be switched to Qt6-only as well, or at least prepared to deal with 
libkdegames master getting Qt6-only.
(Still considering a Qt5 release of KSokoban with new name myself before).

4) making libkdegames & libkmajongg Qt6-only

Once all the library consumers are sorted, the libs would be switched to Qt6-
only as well.
Possibly also see a translation catalog/po files name bump/change, for co-
installation support.

So looking good so far to have the KDE games collection ready for the Qt6-
based Alphas planned for November :)



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