RFC: switching games released with KDE Gear to Qt6/KF6-only in master branch next?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Wed Sep 13 21:34:16 BST 2023


(cc: kde-devel for heads-up, please reply only to kde-games-devel)


Would anyone have issues with switching all the games and game libraries 
released with KDE Gear to be Qt6/KF6 only in the master branch (once some 
conditions are met, see below)?


Having brushed over many of the games and the game libraries to prepare for 
Qt6 in the last months, I found quite some inconsistent API due to development 
history (e.g. prefix "Kg" vs. "K" as left over from some concurrent API 

So I would like to take the chance to do some API/ABI breaking clean-up in 
libkdegames' classes, given the Qt5/Qt6 ABI breakage. And have future 
contributor generations have less confusing API to deal with.

Being able to do that without #if-version-#else-#endif (even more when 
involving .ui files) or without having to maintain separate "kf6" branches for 
all the games would ease that a lot.
If not even enable that at all to do in small evening time windows, with each 
individual API renames to be rolled out in one atomic go across all repos.

Which of course also implies that anyone else working on any the KDE games in 
the time until KF 6.0  and KDE Gear 24.2 being available in their distros 
would need to build all the KF & libkdegames deps themselves.

My gut feeling, by having seen almost only commits of release team and self in 
the recent months on #kde-games reported by the good pursuivant bot, is that 
having a few months of bleeding-edge-development-only would not harm too many 
contributors. And kdesrc-build should be an option to help those who are 
serious also?


All KDE Gear games using libkdegames (and libkmahjongg) need to have a working 
Qt6/KF6 build. Currently 2 games are missing out AFAIK, ksirk & kajongg. Both 
have people planning or already working on that (me on ksirk). So hope is that 
in the next weeks all Gear game repos should be Qt6/KF6 ready. And we could 
switch all of them together.


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