Let's reserve F10 and Shift+F10 for accessibility

Laura David Hurka david.hurka at mailbox.org
Wed Sep 6 16:33:55 BST 2023

Hi Felix, thanks for this discussion!

On Wednesday, September 6, 2023 11:27:34 AM CEST Felix Ernst wrote:
> [1] I propose that we reserve the F10 key in most/all applications to either
> open the first menu in the menu bar or open the hamburger menu (depending
> on application).

I didn’t know that F10 is standard for the menu bar.
I agree that it should work.

Applications should not hide the menu bar by default
if it contains important actions.
Hiding the menu bar requires only 2 clicks or Ctrl+M,
and actions can provide the hamburger menu button in the toolbar by default.
(Okular does this.)

> [2] I propose that we reserve the Shift+F10 key combination to open the
> context menu for the item that has keyboard focus. It should have the same
> effect as the "Menu" key many keyboards have.


> About Shift+F10 I am not sure yet at which layer this should be implemented.
> Ivan Tkachenko mentioned the idea in chat that it could potentially be
> implemented as a Plasma-wide keyboard setting. Pressing Shift+F10 would
> then always be identical to pressing the "Menu" key on a keyboard.

Qt Widgets applications can use QContextMenuEvent/QWidget::contextMenuEvent().
Qt documentation indicates that the global context menu behavior follows the 
platform, so Plasma could tell Qt that Shift+F10 shall do the same as Menu.

But it seems only some KDE applications support the Menu key.
E. g. it works in Konsole, Dolphin, and KMail message view.
It doesn’t work in Okular main view and KMail message list.

(To try without having a menu key: `sleep 10 && xdotool key Menu` and then 
focus the relevant widget by clicking it.)

Cheers, David

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