Reviving lightdm-kde-greeter upstream

Neal Gompa ngompa13 at
Tue Nov 28 08:18:12 GMT 2023

On Tue, Nov 28, 2023 at 1:47 AM Anton Golubev <golubevan at> wrote:
> It would hardly be convenient for me to maintain several similar
> repositories in parallel, so if it is located in the KDE infrastructure,
> I will commit there for sure.
> But could you please specify more precisely where the requirement to
> "kill" forks is described? It seems that I looked through the entire
> tree of links that drop down to the one you specified, and did not find
> any prohibitions. And the GPL* license does not seem to prohibit the
> existence of forks.
> This is important because in particular [1] is a special repository with
> instructions for building packages into an ALT repository, "Sisyphus"
> (located in the .gear folder), and it must continue to exist in some
> form. If the project develops inside KDE, will I be able to merge the
> changes back to [1]?

That is allowed. Debian does the same thing with their packaging. I
personally think it's a bad thing to use forks of the source code for
packaging rather than having a pure packaging Git repo, but if that's
the way you want to do it, sure.

The main point of killing the forks is to prevent confusion about
where things are actively developed. It is not a requirement per-se,
but something that is generally expected so that there is a clear
communication and understanding of where it is developed. When
Qupzilla became Falkon in KDE, it went through that process as well.

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