QML: a packagers nightmare. Assistance please.

Nicolas Fella nicolas.fella at gmx.de
Wed Nov 8 11:32:18 GMT 2023

On 11/8/23 12:22, Scarlett Moore wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> As we progress through the Qt6 transition I have been trying to keep
> up on our QML dependencies and I keep tripping over circular
> dependency nightmare. We switched to a mega package format which
> includes qml modules. So we have big issues when frameworks like kwin
> depends on plasma-workspace. Introduced here:
> https://invent.kde.org/plasma/kwin/-/commit/028dd552cfb9d826b40b9620d869c98d2aa3dca3?page=2
> Is it intended that qml modules in plasma-workspace are allowed to be
> used by frameworks? Are we wrong to bundle QML inside a mega package
> or is the framework wrong for depending on QML further up the stack?
> Any help or insight would be much appreciated.


first of all, I don't think starting off an email with "QML: a packagers
nightmare" is a good-faith way to start a discussion about something,
especially given the issue presented has little to do with QML as a
technology and is rather specific to the projects involved.

Furthermore, kwin is not a framework, it's part of Plasma, and
dependencies between Plasma components are generally fine. That there is
a circular dependency between plasma-workspace and kwin is not good and
should probably be addressed somehow, but the severity is somewhat lower
given the cycle doesn't exist at built time.



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