Retiring Phabricator - Migrating tasks to Gitlab

Nate Graham nate at
Thu May 25 22:31:14 BST 2023

On 5/23/23 03:48, Ben Cooksley wrote:>     Also, in Phabricator, Tasks 
have no real "home"; they just have project
>     tags, and they can have multiple such tags to be able to belong to
>     multiple projects. For example "VDG" and also "Plasma". Such a Task
>     shows up in both projects' workboards. But in GitLab, Issues need to
>     live in one place and only one place. So for such Phab tasks, we would
>     need a way to determine the single new home of the Task in GitLab, and
>     perhaps tag them with global-scope labels or something?
> Yes, we would need to do a deconflicting process there.
> Any thoughts on the best approach to that?

At least in the case where a Task is tagged with VDG and also something 
else, it probably makes sense to have it live on GitLab in the 
"something else" project/group/etc. Back in the Phab days, we used to 
tag everything VDG-relevant with the VDG tag, but on Gitlab it probably 
makes more sense to just CC the "@teams/vdg" group instead.


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