How to set PATH for Dolphin servicemenu

Zener zener78 at
Thu May 11 21:05:32 BST 2023

It still doesn't work...again After reboot...
Is wayland, Dolphin or what the issue?!?

Il gio 11 mag 2023, 21:47 Konstantin Kharlamov <hi-angel at> ha

> Please, use "reply all" in the mail client so that discussion gets
> duplicated on the list and someone else may come up with ideas and what not.
> So, it's, interesting: actually, I just realized that both
> /etc/environment and /etc/profile as well as ~/.profile are all read by
> shells. I never thought about that.
> So, if you modified your ~/.profile file, I would presume it should work
> (I never tried though, just judging by what I just read on the topic),
> however I think you need to restart DE (that is, log out and log back in)
> for these changes to start working. That is because your DE would need to
> get launched with these env. variables, and then it would launch ".desktop"
> file apps using the environment it got.
> On Thu, 2023-05-11 at 20:57 +0200, Zener wrote:
> Ok... I've used ~/.profile (because it's for a personal config) but It
> doesn't work.
> What's a correct syntax?
> Il gio 11 mag 2023, 20:52 Konstantin Kharlamov <hi-angel at> ha
> scritto:
> On Thu, 2023-05-11 at 20:28 +0200, Zener wrote:
> > Hi.
> >
> > I use Dolphin filemanager on a gnome-session on wayland - Arch Linux.
> >
> > I've set the correct PATH on .bashrc, in fact from terminal my exec
> > files work but not to from a .desktop file in servicemenu of Dolphin.
> >
> > How can i add the correct PATH on Dolphin?
> >
> > Regards.
> >
> Right, because `.bashrc` is only read by bash. When you launch an app from
> a desktop file, there's no bash involved (unless of course the Exec= call
> inside .desktop file calls bash explicitly).
> Use `/etc/profile` file instead, the $PATH is usually set there.
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