developer account set up

Nate Graham nate at
Sun May 7 16:21:59 BST 2023

There's also no reason anymore why they need to use a work branch in the 
main repo; a fork works just fine. I do nearly all of my development 
using personal forks; it's a 100% supported first-class citizen experience.


On 5/7/23 17:06, Joshua Goins wrote:
>> We usually recommend contributors to create branches in the main repository
>> (work/gsoc/...). Is it possible without a developer account?
>> Johnny
> It doesn't have to be the GSoc student that creates the branches, only that
> they are the ones putting commits in it. Something I've seen done is the
> mentor creates the work branch (work/gsoc/student) and the student creates MRs
> to merge their work into the branch instead of targetting master.

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