Bringing Cantata under the KDE umbrella?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Tue Feb 21 08:39:00 GMT 2023

Am 21.02.23 um 07:04 schrieb Harald Sitter:
>> Part of the incubation process is to gather what's the team working on it.
> +1. That said, what we could do is incubate into playground and see if
> we can assemble the required "Healthy team (healthy proportion of
> volunteers, inclusive towards new contributors, ideally more than one
> developer)" if not the incubation would simply fail.
>> It feels wrong to incubate a project that is already out of
>> development. Especially when we already have a number of music
>> players...
> I feel like there is a bit of nuance here. AFAIK neither libvlc nor
> gstreamer have support for mpd so this does occupy a niche of its own.
> Now, whether that justifies having yet another UI instead of investing
> into backend abstraction of one of our existing UIs is another
> question entirely. A question I would expect to get an answer TBH. Why
> incubate cantata when we could make elisa or juk grow mpd support?
> There is a substantial amount of code in the UI

it's not only the mpd support

features like cached lyrics, lastfm, wikipedia, serverside playlists.... 
software written to export lyrics so that they are present when you 
switch to info-mode

[harry at srv-rhsoft:~/.cache/cantata]$
     8136 Files    17836 KB       17 MB : albums/
     7142 Files    21459 KB       20 MB : artists/
     9800 Files  1267415 KB     1237 MB : covers/
     4798 Files    11289 KB       11 MB : covers-scaled/
   100738 Files   108256 KB      105 MB : lyrics/
        0 Files        0 KB        0 MB : scrobbling/
        1 Files        7 KB        0 MB : wikipedia/

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