Easy mouse settings changing from right- to left-handed

Tobias Leupold tl at stonemx.de
Sun Feb 19 21:36:58 GMT 2023

Am Samstag, 18. Februar 2023, 14:22:07 CET schrieb Konstantin Kharlamov:
> P.S.: I tried running `dbus-monitor` and changing left-handness in
> systemsettings5, but don't see any event being sent, so not sure how to
> automate such change. Perhaps someone else knows.

Hey, wasn't too hard after all ;-) Actually, I solved this not by listening to 
some DBUS signal, but by simply watching the respective RC file for changes.

Here we are. Just FYI I uploaded what I wrote to

Does the job, shows if "Left-handed" is activated or not, and toggles this 
setting with one click.

But still, maybe, someone could give me (QML n00b) a hand?

When I test the plasmoid with "plasmoidviever -a package" (inside the sources, 
after compiling the plugin and installing it), it's shown as it should be, 
everything works ... but when I try to add it to my desktop or the task bar, 
nothing happens. No plasmoid is added ... no error message, simply nothing. 
What's wrong? How can I even debug this?

Sorry for asking dumb questions, I never worked with QML before ...

Thanks again for all help!

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