Easy mouse settings changing from right- to left-handed

Tobias Leupold tl at stonemx.de
Sat Feb 18 14:45:48 GMT 2023

Am Samstag, 18. Februar 2023, 14:22:07 CET schrieb Konstantin Kharlamov:
> Did you consider adding a separate user account, and just logging out/in as
> the new user for him to use? So one user would be left-handed, the other
> one is right-handed.
> P.S.: I tried running `dbus-monitor` and changing left-handness in
> systemsettings5, but don't see any event being sent, so not sure how to
> automate such change. Perhaps someone else knows.

Hi Konstantin,

thanks for the input!

Of course one could create a separate account. But as of now, it's not more 
than opening a web browser and using some educational websites (anton.app and 

So when he wakes up my notebook from suspend to disk, he sees my (right-
handed) desktop, would have to log out using the right-handed mouse, and would 
need to login as another user.

It's not about a real user account, it's about quickly using the machine for a 
few minutes.

I simply liked the (apparently) simple approach of that "mouseswap" plasmoid, 
as it seems you would just have to do one click to do the job.

Also, I think it would be an alluring challenge to get it to work this way ;-)

I think the mouseswap Plasmoid didn't look for a change to that specific 
option, but for any configuration change via systemsettings, and looked up the 
specific setting via the kconfig framework afterwards.

So I would (possibly) already be happy to figure out how I can detect any 
config change ...

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