QDockWidget implementation for QML

Josh josh at redstrate.com
Mon Apr 17 18:40:27 BST 2023

> Hi everyone
> Day by day, the number of programs that are ported to QML is increasing.
> Especially kde apps.
> Many of the things that were needed for the programs were to prepare for
> QML. But dock widgets are still lacking in this case. I already implemented
> something like this for several programs and now it almost works [1].
> I want to ask your opinion, can this library be useful? In your opinion,
> where should I spend time to improve it and move it?

I don't use docking that often (and when I do, it's usually in widgets 
applications) so it's nice to see someone interested in making it work in QML! 
I wonder if KDDockWidgets (https://github.com/KDAB/KDDockWidgets) has some 
overlap, because they're also targeting Qt Quick for 2.0.


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