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Raghavendra Kamath raghu at
Tue Apr 4 12:58:23 BST 2023

Congratulations for making the switch.
The new forum is a refreshing place. Thank you for creating this and  for the 
efforts of the team in pushing this and testing it initially. Also thanks 
particularly to the KDE sysadmins. 

On मंगलवार, 4 अप्रैल 2023 2:41:46 PM IST Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss wrote:
> Hello KDE community!
> As many of you know, KDE is now using Discourse as its forum. If you
> haven't already, sign up and try it out here:
> The forum provides new opportunities for community building and sharing
> information between contributors and across projects. Here developers
> can brainstorm new ideas, plan new features, announce updates,
> collaborate, recruit and onboard new contributors, banter, and generally
> interact closely with the people who actively contribute to KDE, as well
> as fellow users. It is a place to keep everyone, whether contributor or
> user, informed about the exciting work you are doing at KDE.
> The previous forum is still available, but the archived contents are
> read-only. Please note: this means we will need to replace references to
> in the KDE codebase soon so people reach the correct forum
> (H/T fusionfuture):
> As the internal communications project develops, Discourse may become a
> key channel going forward.
> Cheers,
> Joseph

Raghavendra Kamath

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