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Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss joseph at
Tue Apr 4 10:11:46 BST 2023

Hello KDE community!

As many of you know, KDE is now using Discourse as its forum. If you 
haven't already, sign up and try it out here:

The forum provides new opportunities for community building and sharing 
information between contributors and across projects. Here developers 
can brainstorm new ideas, plan new features, announce updates, 
collaborate, recruit and onboard new contributors, banter, and generally 
interact closely with the people who actively contribute to KDE, as well 
as fellow users. It is a place to keep everyone, whether contributor or 
user, informed about the exciting work you are doing at KDE.

The previous forum is still available, but the archived contents are 
read-only. Please note: this means we will need to replace references to in the KDE codebase soon so people reach the correct forum 
(H/T fusionfuture):

As the internal communications project develops, Discourse may become a 
key channel going forward.


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