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Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss joseph at
Mon Apr 3 10:53:10 BST 2023

Hello KDE community!

Many of you may know me from the KDE Eco "Blauer Engel for FOSS" 
project. I am writing now to announce that alongside community 
organization for KDE Eco, I will be working on internal communication 
and community building at KDE. I am excited to be working with you in 
this position for the next 6 months!

At the end of this email I provide details about some of the things I 
will be doing. Most importantly, this is not just a 6-month sprint. The 
goal of this work is to build a sustainable infrastructure for the 

I am not sure yet what exactly that will look like, and I will need your 
input and your help to achieve this. *If you are working on any of the 
topics listed below, please be in touch.* I'd like to discuss details 
about you do and how KDE can build structures to support that work.

You will hear a lot more from me in the coming weeks. For now I wanted 
to say hello and let you know what is happening within KDE :)


Anything missing? Let me know!

- Keeping an eye out for important activities happening in the community 
that should get wider attention and be promoted within KDE.

   These include such things as: call for participations for Akademy and 
other KDE events, and encouraging people to present their work; 
announcing community Sprints; spreading information about efforts to 
port to Qt 6 and boosting KDE Frameworks; encouraging mentoring and 
participation in Season of KDE and Google Summer of Code, among other 

- Supporting community members to talk about the KDE work they do with 
the wider world (conferences, blog posts, podcasts, social media, etc.)

- Generally: spreading important information about internal topics and 
generating excitement within the community about them, increasing 
community cohesion.

Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss
KDE Internal Communications & KDE Eco Community Organizer
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