Can we archive ?

Tomas Mecir mecirt at
Thu Nov 3 11:57:00 GMT 2022

Hi there!

I'm the maintainer of this app, though indeed, I haven't been very
active with this one lately, mostly focusing on Calligra at this time.
But yes, I will do the Qt6 porting when the time comes for it, no
problem there. The app doesn't depend on kde4support in any major way,
just some minor things left to convert.
libmxp is an optional dependency, not built by default but it's used
by the project.
As for servers, they aren't as numerous as they used to be (it's a
niche genre), but actively developed ones do exist - you won't find
any in repos as each instance is custom.

So anyway, I see no reason to move the app anywhere :-)


čt 3. 11. 2022 v 7:42 odesílatel Marius P <nmariusp1 at> napsal:
> Hello,
> Can we archive ?
> Can we do the reverse of the incubation procedure to kmuddy?
> Reasons:
> * The last git commit that is not by "Script Kiddy - translation" and not a build warning fix/deprecation fix is from 2020.11.
> * kmuddy is not available as a package in the package repositories of Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, KDE neon etc.
> * I cannot find a MUD HTTP online server.
> * I cannot find a Linux MUD server software package (*.deb) in the Ubuntu repositories.
> * I am not sure if is even built by default.
> * Depends on KDELibs4Support.
> * kmuddy needs work.
> * Do we want to port kmuddy to Qt6?
> Thanks.

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