Can we archive ?

Marius P nmariusp1 at
Thu Nov 3 06:42:05 GMT 2022


Can we archive ?
Can we do the reverse of the incubation procedure to kmuddy?

* The last git commit that is not by "Script Kiddy - translation" and not a
build warning fix/deprecation fix is from 2020.11.
* kmuddy is not available as a package in the package repositories of
Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, KDE neon etc.
* I cannot find a MUD HTTP online server.
* I cannot find a Linux MUD server software package (*.deb) in the Ubuntu
* I am not sure if
is even built by default.
* Depends on KDELibs4Support.
* kmuddy needs work.
* Do we want to port kmuddy to Qt6?

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