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Aleix Quintana Alsius kinta at communia.org
Tue Sep 21 09:31:27 BST 2021

GrĂ cies per contestar Aleix!

Some days ago FHEK789 ask me to contribute to Alligator too. I saw the 
project when was coding Tiny News getting  some inspiration from it. But 
technically they are different. Alligator is a local aggregator, with a 
good logic when storing and obtaining the content via local storage 
database. Tiny news is a client of a remote aggregator, it doesn't deal 
with any feed protocol itself and delegates the backend work to others 
(Tiny Tiny Rss, Pocket, and i hope Nextcloud News soon). In some point i 
thought that some a connection to pim akregator would be done for those 
who want local aggregator but i ended up discarding it, as i didn't need 
it, and the only use case to satisfy until now was the case of myself.

I also doubt if integrating it, mainly because the ones that use local 
aggregators doesn't use remote and viceversa. So maybe keeping them 
separate will make sense. On the other side the required frontend views 
are nearly identical so wrapping all use cases is something that is 
possible without traumatic changes...

So contributions are welcome in tiny news project to integrate local 
aggregator but i think that is more work than adding some minor Tiny 
News features to excellent alligator : e.g. if it can easily integrate 
webengineview, feeds organized in tree categories, or flagging 
entries.... and keeping them as separate projects rather than make an 
app with features that rarely will be used at same time.

Anyway, maybe the decision can be postponed depending on the demand, I 
am sure that some other cases happened when planning merge of features 
in other kde apps. So opinions are welcome...

Finally about the repository, as you see the project is in gitlab.com, 
do you think that is it worth it to migrate the repo from gitlab.com to 

Thank's i Salut!

On 21/9/21 1:01, Aleix Pol wrote:
> Hola Aleix!
> Thanks for reaching out.
> Have you looked at Alligator?
> https://invent.kde.org/plasma-mobile/alligator
> It seems they're fairly similar and maybe there's things they can
> share and benefit from each other?
> In any case you can submit the repository into invent.kde.org under
> your username, if you want to commit into releasing it and keeping it
> alive we can consider incubating it, but like I said, I'm sure we'd
> all prefer to have a great RSS Kirigami app than 2 almost great ones.
> ;)
> Salut!
> Aleix
> On Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at 1:55 PM Aleix Quintana Alsius
> <kinta at communia.org>  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My name is Aleix Quintana, I am from Terrassa(Barcelona), I work in
>> communia.org (a little floss tech coop ) and i have created the app tiny
>> news,  well i converted the idea from a previous(crappy) plasmoid
>> (started  in 2014) which is a tiny tiny rss and pocket client made with
>> kirigami.
>> It's described in
>> https://planet.communia.org/content/launching-tiny-news-ttrss-aggregator-client
>> . and code can be found inhttps://gitlab.com/communia/tinynews/
>> As it may be useful for others I think it can be in invent.kde.org , but
>> I have doubts about how to do it. Do I need to follow the steps
>> described in :https://community.kde.org/Incubator  ? Or simply I can
>> import the project from gitlab.com to invent.kde.org ?
>> Thank's a lot!
>> --
>> Aleix Q. |https://planet.communia.org/blogs/kinta
>> https://communia.org
Aleix Q. |https://planet.communia.org/blogs/kinta

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