Fixing XWayland HiDPI scaling

Nate Graham nate at
Fri Nov 12 18:45:42 GMT 2021

Hello Alex,

Please feel free to help get these issues fixed upstream, as it seems 
like you already have a good grasp of the technical issues at play.


On 11/11/21 06:03, Alex Bujorianu wrote:
> The current status of XWayland applications in both Gnome and KDE 
> Wayland implementations leaves something to be desired, especially with 
> regards to HiDPI scaling. Currently, all XWayland clients are upscaled 
> by the compositor, which produces horribly blurry results for many 
> popular applications like Jetbrains IDEs, any Wine/Proton game, and some 
> common Electron apps like Discord and Teams. Those same programs are 
> able to scale just fine on a straight X session. There is already an AUR 
> package that contains the necessary patches for XWayland on Sway: 
> Indeed a similar fix 
> was implemented two years ago in this merge request: 
> Until this situation is fixed, the KDE Wayland session is not usable for 
> me, and I would not be able to recommend running a Wayland session to a 
> new Linux user. Because of this, I would have to tell any potential user 
> with a mixed DPI setup to stick with Windows or Mac OS until these 
> display issues get ironed out.

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